Call Me Junky Funky Mom

It started as a drive through our new neighborhood.

Neighbors were putting out junk on the curb.

What?? A lamp? That desk? Oh! Look, those chairs! A patio set!

Our new city has a once-a-month bulk pick up where you discard your bigger items and the city comes and scoops them up. Off to the dump they go, unless I can get to them first! What started off as a way to get a free patio set for my back yard ended up as a fun hobby that turned into my side hustle!

My Little Man, who is still young enough to love the thrill of the hunt and not be embarrassed by his mom going through the stuff on the curb, loves to join me. He looks right and I look left and through the neighborhoods we go!

End Tables!

Saved these perfectly good end Tables from the dump! I had to leave behind the coffee table but no matter how I tried I could not get them into my vehicle!

I️ cleaned them, listed them and they were sold the next day to a lovely couple who was going to give them a coat of chalk paint.